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March 2007


IEFS at Wd8

The research-team IEFS is doing a project in Walkersdorf. All spring and summer they will be going around Walkersdorf questioning the local inhabitants about their gardens and about contemporary art.

April 2007


Shadow on the Wall

During a three days shooting session, Gaja and Tjaša, alias Red Pullover, recorded almost all the material needed for their movie 'Shadow on the Wall'. Eva Ursprung closely followed their actions and filmed the shooting for her movie 'Once Upon A Time...', a documentation of artists in a styrian village.

May 2007


Aether 9

Participation of Wd8 in the Aether 9 performance during the pixelmapping festival in Geneva, Switzerland, May 1-3, 2007.

June 2007


Once Upon A Time

The second part of the recording of the film 'Once Upon A Time...'. After the shooting of the film 'Shadow on the Wall' in April 2007, Gaja and Tjaša are back in Walkersdorf. This time they go around the village to see what is out there, to meet the local people and to enjoy the country life. And of course Eva Ursprung is following them again very closely to document their adventures in Walkersdorf.

July 2007



On Monday, July 16, 2007, the Wd8-Project 'connected:07' will start. The project is divided into three phases. During the first phase, the 'real phase', six different artists will come to Wd8 and create an artwork here. The fist phase will last two months and should be finished by the middle of September. A presentation of the first phase is planned for the end of September.

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